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Nix Stix G415/L-796尖端成型润滑剂
Stoner NIX STIX G415 HnG设备专用 导管尖端成型润滑剂脱模剂 L-796 Mold Release L-796脱模剂 产品描述 NIX STIX G415 L-796的优点: ● 卓越的润滑剂保证在较少时间,形成完美聚合管尖,亦较少瑕疵产生 ● 高效润滑剂只需要很少的分量 ● 多余的润滑剂可除去异丙醇 ● 通过生物适应性测试,可用于医用部分

蜜蜡复材液体脱模蜡P525 Honey Wax Hydro Speed
Honey Wax® Hydro Speed Honey Wax® Hydro Speed is a unique, high gloss wax emulsion for use by composite fabricators as a mold release agent. It is compounded with the purest grade carnauba wax, plus special binders and spreading agents.

Stoner LO-582 Nix Stix Mold Release
LO-582 Nix Stix Mold Release Nix Stix LO582 is an effective water-based release especially formulated to allow excellent coverage and easy release for cast urethane parts. Ideal for mold temperatures over 200°F and in situations where solvents are unacceptable.

Stoner B510
B510 PolyOff Mold & Tool Cleaner Powerful, time-saving formula cleans molds and tools with ease. Completely removes cured polyurethane, mold release, and other build-up from tooling, molds, and machinery. Use only on steel, aluminum and other metal tooling.

Stoner B251 Citrus Pattern Wash
B251通常用于大量的清洗,它可以稀释- 你可以去以1:1分量進行,較為经济一點,但这會减轻了去蚀作用。B251浸入长达30秒,然后用清水漂洗(或浸渍)。没有必要用去离子水。尝试直接使用,观察清洗/去蚀的结果,然后调整稀释比例或所需浸渍时间。

Stoner M520 ZIP-SLIP滚塑脱模剂
Stoner® M520 ZIP-SLIP® willhelp you save time, money and improve part quality. ZIP-SLIP® isan excellent preventative maintenance product when applied to the parting lineof the mold. ZIP-SLIP® willhelp eliminate unwanted build-up of resin on the parting line that can cause gaps, l

TraSys® 4000 TraSys® 4000 RotoFlowTM Mold Coating TraSys® 4000 RotoFlowTM Mold Coating helps facilitate the flow of polyolefin and nylon resin into hard-to-fill areas of rotational molds to fill in voids around inserts, tight radii, threads, and deep cavities as well as removing pin

Stoner NIX STIX G415 L-796 Mold Release导管尖端成型脱模剂
G415 L-796导管尖端成型脱模剂具有卓越的润滑剂保证在较少时间,形成完美聚合管尖,亦较少瑕疵产生。高效润滑剂只需要很少的分量。多余的润滑剂可除去异丙醇。通过生物适应性测试,可用于医用部分

P-CYL Sprayer & Hose Kits for Spray Tanks Disposable or refillable spray tanks are available. Magnetic mount lets you stick sprayer to the tank or your machine. 10 foot hose extends your range. Easy to hold and spray. Individual components and replacement parts available: Sprayer Assembly Item# 1D

Stoner Wax Pattern Release E412 (Spray Tank)
Wax Pattern Release (spray tank) is an economical, non-flammable mold coating that provides fast, easy, consistent removal of even the most intricate wax patterns. It produces a very light, dry mist coating which reduces over-application and buildup on molds. Just one coat yields multiple releases,

E412 (Aerosol)
Wax Pattern Release (aerosol) E412 Silicone Pattern Release is a 4% silicone that’s most popular with our customers. We also have a 2%, 6% and 8% aerosol product. Silicone is a very good and economical release, but it generally requires that the finished wax parts be washed prior to going to slurry

E333 (Spray Tank)
No-Wash Wax Pattern Release (spray tank) Allows you to eliminate the time-consuming steps of cleaning and etching wax patterns. With E333, you can go directly from your wax molding machines to primary slurry dipping. You'll save time, labor and the cost of purchasing and disposing of expensive chem